Comic Frontier Virtual 2

Hi all, I will be selling fanmerch in Comic Frontier Virtual 2 with some friends this weekend, 18-19 December! I uploaded banners containing my merch.If you want to see the full catalogue, do check our Twitter:

Circle website:

Site upgrade

I’m happy I’m getting some visitors in my website, so I’m going to be working on upgrades (possibly a new theme as well as additional content)! The site will be inaccessible for a short while.

Thanks and we’ll be back soon!

New site up!

I bought a new domain, migrated from Wix and returned to WordPress.

Aughh wow that was a lot of work! Most of the artworks/entries scattered in my social media sites have been reuploaded here. The rest can be added in the future. It was a tiring task but I had fun backtracking. So many things happened before that I’ve forgotten!

This time I’ve added other things I haven’t included in my old website such as a compilation of my previous works and projects, pictures of my toys, and an improved and detailed frontpage, and links to sites like Patreon and ko-fi. Among others. I’m not really a web designer and I can only make do with WordPress’s available templates but I’ve done what I can to make the site pleasing/friendly to the eyes! I think.

As mentioned earlier the older entries and artworks in the blog section are far from complete. I’ll be adding more to the years when I find them.

My original projects will also be listed here. All of them are still in the works and so far Curtain Call is only one out of many I am comfortable showing any progress of at the moment.

Please bear with me as I continue to update this website! Thanks for visiting!

Name change: koactus

Name change: koalaflage → koactus.
koactus = koala + cactus.

koalaflage is ‘koala’ and ‘camouflage’ combined. I still like the camo pattern but not as much. Meanwhile I’ve always loved cacti. Also, it’s so much easier to make a mascot from ‘koactus’ than with my previous name.

Koala is my favorite animal. I haven’t encountered one in real life yet, but I hope one day I will.

Content changes

Sorry for my inactivity. Here are a few of what I’m planning to do this year regarding art.

– Yaoi Expo will be my last con of 2020 for the meantime.
– I am hoping to focus drawing original content more than fan work.
– I want to post general art and that means drawing girls too. Since I got an influx of followers into bara and BL, I’m sorry to disappoint those who followed me only for yaoi.

I want to draw what I want and feel like doing without pressure, especially now since things are very hectic on my side and I’m in great need of some freedom and outlet.

Thanks for your understanding. Hope to see you soon.

Update: Hiatus extension

Settled at new home already! However the move caused me to have muscle strain on my lower back which made me immobile from waist to legs. The incident happened just last week so I’m still recovering from it. I feel much better now but my back hurts when I bend or twist too much. Thankfully it’s just on the muscles and nothing in my spine.

more recently, I was told to confine myself in my room for a few days to prevent contaminating others from a virus I got somewhere. It’s nothing lethal. I need to rest and take meds for fever and severe sore throat. I’m unable to hold things properly because it hurts in the nerve endings (toes and fingers).

Because of these two situations, I’m sorry that I’ll be extending my hiatus as I focus on my recovery. I’ll be back soon.

Hey everyone, sorry for lack of updates! T_^);;

Personal: Was so busy with job searching and interviews but I’m happy to have found new office work (near my home)! 😀 Also still busy with the move, we’ve got so much stuff and our new place is small so we are having a hard time sorting stuff out orz….

Commissions: Will work inbetween making merch for BLush Con this July, priority will be given to merch making.

Upcoming Events: BLush Convention – I almost forgot about this con because I’ve been so busy!!! I’ve got some merch done but there’re still others I have to make T_^;;

How to balance getting updated gv’t IDs, medical records and stuff and merch stuff pls send help…

My next updates will be about Blush Convention, please look forward to those! I’ll be tabling with some friends and we’ll be selling BL/yaoi things~ If there’s something you wanna see lemme know :>

Thanks for reading!