Toyhouse redraws 1

First batch of profile redraws (and new additions) for my Toyhouse!~ Active OCs with their present-day appearances.

Nathaniel Reyes

My primary and partially known mascot (for now). The older art is still kinda recent so there’s not much change, but I guess Nate looks more relaxed now. Preparing him for his original story.

Jerome Montojo (still under construction)

Zookeeper oc. He’s supposed to have a cap but it would hide his face, I’ll draw him with different hairstyles next time. Technically his character existed way before his initial design The old design there belonged to an unused OC so I reused it, made him younger to match the setting of his story.

Esteban Reyes (gallery is being updated)

Long overdue redraw of Nate’s father. Esteban is actually one of my favorite OCs~ he’s about twice his age now from his old art, but I guess the secret to looking young is by staying happy.

Tamotsu Wada (still under construction)

My big, quiet pastry chef and ex-cop son. Also another recent art, but I changed his appearance to match the setting of his new story. He looks more laid back and older now as he’s meant to be.