[RLC] Kukang Malas

Thank you @Trash_na for giving me the wonderful opportunity to draw your boy UwU !!! iwannakeepdrawinghim

“Prismatic Waves” teaser

I’m honored to be part of the artists line-up for Prismatic Waves: A NIJISANJI ID Fanniversary Project!
Here’s a sneak peek of my piece!


More information:

[RLC] #bonnivierart 55

The day finally came! I’m happy to announce that I worked on Bonnivier Pranaja’s YouTube membership badges and emoji! 😭 It was truly an honor to do so!

Anyway to everyone, thank you for your kind reactions on the emojis. Ngl working on something so tiny is very hard and there needs to be a lot of testing and trial and error, but as for the result — I’m proud of them, and I’m glad you like them too!

More importantly, thank you so, so much to a lot of you here who joined Bonnivier’s membership. You don’t understand how this means so much to him, he’s been looking forward to it for a while (he was so excited when he approached me for the commission) and now that the day arrived, seeing him so happy like this really lifts my spirit up too as the artist.

To the Bonnitos+, enjoy the emojis! Let’s hope the member count continues to rise as the days go by. For those who haven’t yet — it’s alright, take your time, you will always have your chance. Join when you feel like it.

Again and again, thank you! Let’s continue to support Bonnivier Pranaja!

Herr Perfekt

Thanks for inviting me as guest artist for “Herr Perfekt”, an unofficial Ace Attorney fanzine for Manfred von Karma. I drew Manfred turning away from his guilt — literally a ghost from his past.

You can download the free e-zine here and check everyone else’s entries too!