Hi I’m koa. I’m a 2D artist and character designer by profession who resides in the Philippines. During my spare time I create fan art but I’m slowly focusing more on my original projects.

This website not only serves as a blog, but it is also an archive for all my works scattered on social media, which were posted under my different pseudonyms over the years. I’m still striving to be better at art and I’m happy you’re here with me in my journey to self-improvement.


What are you currently using for drawing?
Programs: Clip Studio Paint PRO, Adobe Photoshop CS6
Tools: Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Are USD/RL art commissions available?
Yes. Please check my status from that page.

Where do you sell your art?
I sell my art at Ko-fi as digital goods (wallpapers at the moment).

I want to know more about your original characters.
You can view them at my Toyhouse.

Can I draw your characters?
Sure you may, as long as they’re in character and you respect their story. Let me see your drawing/s too, okay?

I wish to send you a message.
You can hit me up casually on Marshmallow, send a tweet, or a private message on Facebook. For serious inquiries you can send a form which goes straight to my email!

Art requests/trades/collab?
Friends and mutuals only, otherwise no, not now.

I want to use your drawing/s as my icon or wallpaper.
Sure, but don’t claim the artwork or character as your own and give credit.

Can I repost your drawing/s?
Only share/retweet the original post on FB or Twitter. If you want to share the drawing/s in another site, let me know beforehand.

I’d like to invite you to work on an art project (zine, countdown, collab, etc).
As long as it’s within my interests. Let me know the details!

Your art got stolen/reposted!
Let me know the details by sending a form.

If your concern isn’t among the questions here, please feel free to contact me. using the information provided.