RL Commissions

Updated: Jan 19, 2022


I’m mostly alright with everything (including m/m and f/f ships), but I will NOT do: (1) NSFW sexual nudity or activities, or even any implications of NSFW; (2) this specific type of Western-style muzzled-type furries, (3) fictional character/real person x oc/self-inserts, robots (ex. Gundam), and (4) caricatures of real people.

Modes of payment:

  • Real-money Currency
    • International (USD): Paypal preferred
    • Local/Philippines (PHP): Paypal, BDO, Metrobank, GCash
      • fixed conversion: 1 USD = 55 PHP
  • Credit <not accepting at the moment>
    • Discord Nitro


  • You are commissioning me to draw something in my style. I can adjust a bit of anatomy but if it goes far from my style, I won’t allow it.
  • All prices are listed in USD. Prices are per character, except for commercial.
    • For commercial: You get discount for succeeding characters. Full payment for the first character, 15% off for the second character, 25% off for the third and after.
  • I require payment upfront, and if it’s not sent in full (min. 50%) the rest of the money can be sent when the commission is done. Unlimited revisions for the drafting phase and max. of 2 minor revisions for the finished piece.
  • I have the right to post the illustration/s in my portfolio and social media sites. (For commercial: I will post when I’m allowed to.) My artist watermark must not be removed or altered in any way. (For commercial: There won’t be a visible or intrusive watermark.)
  • Please give at least 2 weeks and a maximum of 5 weeks for me to finish your commission. (My pace depends on the complexity of the artwork as well as my schedule).
    • Rushed commissions will be charged higher (minimum 5 days before deadline). Note that the quality won’t be as good as a non-rushed artwork.

Discounts are available for those with active subscription in my ko-fi membership! 3% off for those in Sapling 🌿 tier and 5% off for Bloom 🏵️ tier.


There will be additional cost for detailed characters, BG,
props, facial expression variety and other extras.

Full color


Currently unavailable due to no updated sample.

Clean sketch (Minimal shading and gradient)

Icon (Head/Face) $27+ (Addt’l expression OK)
Bust $37+ | Thigh-up $55+ | Fullbody $80+
Does not include background.
Commercial license: [Total] +80%


Icon (Head/Face) $33+ (Addt’l expression OK)
Bust $48+ | Thigh-up $75+ | Fullbody $111+
Does not include background.
Commercial license: [Total] +80%


Minimum $190
Depends on details, complexity and number of characters
Includes a detailed background (please provide what you want).
Commercial license: [Total] +80%

Character sheet (Fullbody, Sketch, Flats)

Simple: starts at $150
(Front view + 2 key references + 3 expressions)
Basic: starts at $250
(Front & back views + 4 key references + 5 expressions)
Detailed: starts at $350
(Front, back, & side views + 5 key references + 6 expressions)

Additional references: starts at $10$20 per item
depending on complexity

Commercial license: [Total] +80%

Please give at least 1-2 months to complete.

VTuber model (Art only, no rigging)

Half body: starts at $300
Fullbody: starts at $500

Separation of assets: $20-$50 each part
depending on complexity.

Additional expression: starts at $10

Commercial license already included.

Please give at least 2-4 months to complete.

Emoji & Badges (Commercial)

$27 each | $53 each if including uncropped full res (600px)
Full price for first artwork, $18 each variation if the base artwork is the same as the first.
$16 each if text only (full res not available)
For VTuber: the art style will be made close to the actual model’s.
YouTube badges: 64px, emojis: 48px | Twitch emojis: 112px, 56px and 28px

Please give at least 1 month to complete.


Messy sketch

Icon (Head/Face) $23+ (Addt’l expression OK)
Bust $33+ | Thigh-up $48+ | Fullbody $63+
Does not include background.
Commercial license: [Total] +80%


Icon (Head/Face) $25+ (Addt’l expression OK)
Bust $37+ | Thigh-up $55+ | Fullbody $80+
Commercial license: [Total] +80%

For comic/doujinshi: estimate $120/page.
Price will be adjusted (lessened or added) depending on the number of panels, characters, and details. Please provide a story and storyboard if any (will charge extra if none).

If there is a rendering style in one of my drawings that you like
but isn’t provided as a sample here, let me know.

Simple animation

into 2021 together: short animated video for new year’s. This is an old art style.

into reality (Bonnito cover): animated cutscenes at the beginning and towards the end only, not the entire video.

Rates are subject to discussion. Determined by art style, complexity of the designs and animation (including frame count), and video length. Please note that I only use Adobe Premiere for the animation and you might have to rely on someone familiar with AfterEffects for other advanced effects, transitions and animation style.

To place an order, kindly email me at koactus.art@gmail.com
alternatively, you can DM me on Twitter or send a PM on Facebook.