Scarred Kellam

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[[I love that your Kellam has a little scar on his cheek~ Cuuute]]

Hi there! If I may use this opportunity to explain why I interpret him like so in my drawings (I have a friend wondering why I draw him with a scar as well!).

The scars came from Kozaki’s illustration on Twitter. It may simply be a new drawing or perhaps an older version of the character (seeing that Kellam’s hair is somewhat longer and he has scars in areas he didn’t have originally). I took elements from the Twitter portrait, official sprites and official artwork and combined them. Personally I like him with the scars, I think it adds more to his character somehow! Of course I’m limited to what I see, so the other scars in his body are left to my imagination.

I have other personal canons/interpretations about Kellam but that can be for another day!

Anonymous asked:

Honestly another reason why I love how you draw a scarred Kellam is that, if you look closely, you can totally see a ton of scratches and dents on Kellam’s armor in his official art, so it’s really just consistent to imagine he has some on his body too!

(Referring to this post) Thank you! And yes, you’re right!

Do you think Kellam only has a few scars since he’s protected by armor (and the fact he doesn’t gain attention much so he seldom gets hit)? Or does he actually have a lot of them since he pushes himself in the battlefield (either to be noticed or because he keeps an eye out for others) and/or during practice/training? (Panne for example shows no mercy!)

Based on these I came up with the sketch above showing where Kellam might have scars (need to stress this is unofficial/fan-made!!!). It’ll also serve as a guide for me (maybe) when I draw him showing some skin…

The big ones on his right side came from maybe a time when an enemy attacked Kellam where his shield couldn’t block the attack. I also wanted to give Kellam a really big scar from sparring with Panne, but maybe a taguel’s medicine is slightly more effective than what humans make? The scar is there, but it isn’t as visible as the ones marked in red. Other scars came from wounds during Kellam’s early days as a Shepherd, prior to receiving his signature armor from home.

I might’ve overlooked some things, do correct me if I made a mistake somewhere. 🤔

Happy birthday, Kellam!


“You make me feel like I’m really here. Like I mean something.”
Because you do, Kellam. Some people just don’t see it.

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