Pokemon fanmerch (2020)

Some Pokemon fanmerch (star-shaped pins/badges) I made earlier this year, forgot to share these as well o/ They were supposed to be heart-shaped but there were issues with the printing so I had to change to stars last-minute.

Good girl.

I’ve been playing Pkmn Yellow and Crystal versions in the Virtual Console of my 3DS during my free time. After I finish everything there is to do in game, I plan to replay the other generations too by order, because I want to relive my childhood all over again~

OcTONEber 2019

Naveed, Heinwald,
Wax, Gankutsuou (Edmond Dantes),
JB, Wild Tiger,
Ozzy with Drix and Germ, Professor Willow,
Zim and Gir, and finally Cu Chulainn.

I failed Octoneber :)) I really don’t have time to draw during weekdays because of work and during weekends I use it to rest. So I’ll end it on day 10. Can’t catch up anymore xD and I’ve been getting sick a lot too _(:3